Wednesday, December 19, 2018



Play a vital role in academic determined by their success in future deeds, and diplomas t successful candidates and these bring job and career to them the greater the success the are regarded with core lucrative the job they get. This is the keen and anxious interest. Often are examinations a test This iS a que discussed. Do our successful youth possess more e than those who fail or do not jack it may be answer that examinations are depends upon a passel of exam ample a brilliant student might fail during all he be called dull when he fail thus read and remember some questions which coincide might bring him a first class ugly mastered the texts prescribed has a fair atolls. But we know ability is by themselves are not good. Necessary and only means of measuring t re we find better alternatives for the present its them. Several measures have been y and fortnightly instead of annual an he is subjected to frequent tests and consistent progress O eel test of his substantial by practical and tutorial Celt( early contacted and the rec(to measure the stipe.



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